PECastro wrote:
> Hi there.
> I'm mounting a standard iscsi target.
> I've been doing a lot of interesting nice things, I can see the disk,
> I can play with it and everything is very wonderfull ! :) Long story
> short, the disk has been running fine as if it was really attached.
> The problem started when I had the need to configure a virtual IP on
> lo:0 .
> My client box IP is something like and I was trying to
> configure a IP on lo:0 with
> ifconfig lo:0 netmask broadcast
> up
> but the moment I do this I seem to lose connection to the disk whilst
> iscsi is throwing errors to the log.

So you do the ifconfig to lo after iscsi is setup and logged in right? 
Is the ip address different from what you originally logged into? I mean 
originally you did

iscsiadm -m node -T some_tagret -p original_ip -l

then when you do the ifconfig it is a new_ip, but the iscsi tools think 
you want to still connect to original_ip  so you get the connect failed 
errors and eventually the replacement/recovery timeout errors.

What you would have to do is create a session to original_ip, then 
create a new session to new_ip, and if you do not want to see IO errors 
then you would use dm-multipath over both sessions and that would handle 
switching from the old path to the new path for you.

> Jan 28 19:00:34 vmbox kernel:  connection1:0: iscsi: detected conn
> error (1011)
> Jan 28 19:00:34 vmbox iscsid: Kernel reported iSCSI connection 1:0
> error (1011) state (3)
> Jan 28 19:00:37 vmbox iscsid: connect failed (111)
> Jan 28 19:01:08 vmbox last message repeated 8 times

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