Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi,
> While testing I noticed that "iscsiadmin -m fw" does not work properly on 
> newer 
> (rawhide atleast) kernels, the attached patch (already applied to the Fedora 
> devel packages) fixes this.

Did you port this from another file/version?

Not sure what I was thinking when I put it in the while loop above the 
code you are adding but in fwparam_ibft_sysfs.c we have 
get_iface_from_device doing this:

                 } else if (!strncmp(dent->d_name, "net", 3)) {
                         DIR *net_dirfd;
                         struct dirent *net_dent;

                         strncat(dev_dir, "/", FILENAMESZ);
                         strncat(dev_dir, dent->d_name, FILENAMESZ);

                         net_dirfd = opendir(dev_dir);
                         if (!net_dirfd) {
                                 printf("Could not open net path %s.\n",
                                 rc = errno;

                         while ((net_dent = readdir(net_dirfd))) {
                                 if (!strcmp(net_dent->d_name, ".") ||
                                     !strcmp(net_dent->d_name, ".."))

                                 strncpy(context->iface, net_dent->d_name,
                         rc = 0;
                 } else {

which I think does the same thing you are doing right (again not sure 
why I put it in a loop instead of just opening the net dir directly)?

If it is the same I will just remove the part in the loop since I have 
no idea why I did that, and just merge the patch. Do not worry about 
resending. I can just do it when I merge it.

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