On 29 Jan 2009 at 0:32, Dr. Volker Jaenisch wrote:

> So we think this has nothing to do with the underlying harddisc hardware 
> nor the filesystem. 
> We think the ISER transport may be the problem.


Well if you thing the problem is transport related, and you are doing 
evaluation anyway, you could try to use iozone: I think it has a 
checksumming/verification feature. Maybe this helps to reveal the problems. 
even, write your own code (e.g. write some long piece of data to a partition 
directly (using no file system), then read it back and compare it byte-by-byte.

Many years ago my brother had a PC that worked fine when reading data slowly 
a data disc, or when the CPU cache (external at that time) was disabled, but 
the CPU chache was on and a huge amount of data was read using an Adaptec 2940, 
the last four bytes of a transfer were corrupted. Meaning: It could be a 
issue. Maybe update any firmware to the latest before re-trying.


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