Arvind Jain wrote:
> Mike, 
> This explains it. We are using:
> iscsid: transport class version 2.0-867. iscsid version 2.0-869

No, this is fine. Newer tools support older kernels. That combo should 
work fine (all login is in userspace anyways so the kernel does not even 
come into play at this point).

Let me do some more debugging and see what is up. I see one bug in the 
chap code right now.

> I will see how to upgrade it. We have patches for bidirectional and large
> CBDs.
> Thx, Arvind.
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> Subject: Re: CHAP with Open-iSCSI
> Arvind Jain wrote:
>> Hi Mike,
>> We are using Open iSCSI initiator with our iSCSI target. 
>> I have a question on CHAP.
>> I did some experiment and it appears to me that OneWay-CHAP does not work
>> with open-iscsi, Mutual-CHAP does work fine for me.
>> Have others seen the same behavior?
> What version are you using?
> I noticed in git one way chap is broken. 870.1 works though.
> > 

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