PECastro wrote:
> Hi Mike thanks for your reply. My answers follow bellow right next to
> your questions.
> Tkx/Regards,
>    PECastro
>> So you do the ifconfig to lo after iscsi is setup and logged in right?
>> Is the ip address different from what you originally logged into? I mean
>> originally you did
>> iscsiadm -m node -T some_tagret -p original_ip -l
> Initially I did iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p
> And I started the iscsi daemon, from there after it all just worked.
>> then when you do the ifconfig it is a new_ip, but the iscsi tools think
>> you want to still connect to original_ip  so you get the connect failed
>> errors and eventually the replacement/recovery timeout errors.
> But I do an ifconfig on the loopback interface adding a new IP on  a
> virtual lo:0
> I'm not messing with the original IP  which is still
> associated with eth0

Ah I read this wrong the first time.

If you manually logout (iscsiadm -m node -T your_target -u) then relogin 
does the relogin work?

If you can manually relogin could you do a "iscsiadm -m session -P3" 
before you logout, then do it again after you relogin.

Could you also do a ifconfig and a route?

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