Boaz Harrosh wrote:
> Hi mike, if we are already at the subject. Something I wanted for a while.
> It is expected for out-of-tree Kernel modules to constantly break at the
> development edge. What happens today is that I can't finish compiling and
> installing user-mode tools, if Kernel does not compile.
> I want to submit a patch that will not force Kernel module compilation
> by default, but only if say we do "make kernel". Since for me 99% of the
> time I just want to update on the user-mode, and I'm using the Kernel
> modules that come from the Kernel I'm using. Is that OK?

I added a

make user
make user install

to git the other day because I hit the same problem. I did not make it 
the default, because I was thinking most users are using older kernels 
and if they are grabbing the tarballs on open-iscsi.prg want the updated 
kernel modules built.

Is this ok?

What about splitting up the kernel from the userspace parts in different 

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