Mike Christie wrote:
> Boaz Harrosh wrote:
>> Separate out the build of "kernel:" and "user:" targets.
>> Let "all:" depend on "user:" only, though making kernel builds
>> optional.
> I like what the patches are doing by warning the user and fixing up the 
> output, but could we just switch up the default? I think kernel 
> developers are going to like what you did (I do), but I do not think 
> that is what users do most of the time.

OK So I'm resending (As reply to this mail)
all: is now dependent on both user: and kernel:

[PATCH 1/2] open-iscsi: Makefile: separate out user: and kernel: make targets
  Same as before but all: depends on both user: and kernel:
  This will give better printouts in case of compiling with new kernels, do
  to the next patch.

  Mike please see in the user: @echo output if there are actually more files 
  that the user is interested about. Now it only has 2.

[PATCH 2/2] open-iscsi: kernel/Makefile: Better Makefile output when compiling 
with new Kernels
  I like this one, you don't have to run very tight after the kernel progress. 
If compiling against
  old kernels it will just compile as before. But with new ones that don't need 
compat code or
  might not even compile the user is instructed to use the new Kernel's iscsi 


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