Mike Christie wrote:
> Konrad Rzeszutek wrote:
>> In the 2.0-865 version when we received a ISCSI_ASYNC_MSG_REQUEST_LOGOUT we 
>> would
>> logout, and then retry logging back in:
>> - <28>Jul 28 20:15:40 iscsid: Target requests logout within 3 seconds for 
>> connection^M
>> - <28>Jul 28 20:15:45 iscsid: connection5:0 is operational after recovery (2 
>> attempts)^M
>> And we would have a short hiccup (5 seconds) of the connection being gone.
>> This as my understanding was a mechanism for the EqualLogic box to "move" 
>> (re-establishing
>> allegiance) a session to a different port, hence allowing a load-balancing 
>> mechanism.
>> In 2.0-869, the git commit 052d014485d2ce5bb7fa8dd0df875dafd1db77df changed 
>> this
>> behavior so that we now actually logout and delete the session. No more 
>> retries.
> Do you mean the session is destoryed as in the kernel parts are 
> cleaned/freed up and the iscsid parts are freed? There was a bug in 869 
> where the session would get destoryed on some errors it did not in 868, 

I meant 865.

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