Karen Xie wrote:
> Hi, Mike,
> Do you have any details on how to hook up with the DHCP software client?

The broadcom guys do.

> I can look into it and see how much effort it is. We were not planning
> it but it could be supported if needed.

You do not have to support it. I would think a user might request it. If 
you guys are going to say we just do not support it that is fine with me.

> Thanks,
> Karen
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> Karen Xie wrote:
>> Hi, Mike,
>> I don't plan to support DHCP for cxgb3i. 
> Ah you wuss :) The other day, you know when I asked if you needed a 
> software client or if you could do it in firmware I was asking for iscsi
> right :)
> > 

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