Karen Xie wrote:
> [PATCH 2.6.29-rc] iscsi - add offset and count to alloc_pdu().
> From: Karen Xie <k...@chelsio.com>
> Hi, Mike,
> I looked through libiscsi.c, libiscsi_tcp.c and iscsi_tcp.c. It does seem to 
> be a little messy to merge the two functions. Especially the BHS is 
> constructed after pdu_alloc(), and iscsi_tcp uses the BHS fields in 
> init_pdu(). 
> So I only added the offset and count as additional parameters to alloc_pdu(). 
> So that the pdu payload is known at the time of pdu memory allocation.

Ehhhhhh, yeah it is workable. Give me a day to check this out more. It 
makes the api akward because we get the data offset and len, but not the 
header. Let me see if I can build on your patch.


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