Ulrich Windl wrote:
> Hi,
> my apologies if this was asked and answered before, but I just tried to get a 
> HOWTO on iSCSI and multipath, but failed to find something really usable.
> I have a question regarding various timeouts, specifically (SCSI command, TCP 
> connection, multipath). Somehow those timeout s are hierarchical, meaning the 
> multipath daemon (or kernel module) will send some command to a virtual SCSI 
> device (iSCSI here), then the iSCSI layer will send a TCP packet on the wire, 
> and 
> after some further unpacking a more or less real SCSI device will receive a 
> command.
> If I name those timeouts tm (multipath), tt (TCP), and ts (SCSI) 
> respectively, 
> should the following be true:
> tm < tt < ts
> Or should the exact opposite be true:
> tm > tt > ts

Are you using dm-multipath? If so what timeout are you referencing?

I tried to document what I think you are asking in the section 8 of the 
README. Does that help?

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