Ulrich Windl wrote:
> Hello,
> I noticed that I see messages like
> Feb 19 01:39:50 rkdvmso1 iscsid: connection198:0 is operational after 
> recovery (1 
> attempts)
> but no messages telling me that the connection is down (timed out/not 
> responding). 
> So it's hard to guess when the problem actually occurred. Not knowing the 
> sources, 
> could it be that the message priority for the failure message (if there is 
> any) is 
> set too low?

the iscsid message indicating the failure is the same priority as the 
one indicating it is up. You should see something about a conn error. 
You also might see something about a ping or nop timing out. Depending 
on the versions you are using that might come from the kernel or iscsid. 
Also, if the kernel had detected the problem then in the kernel logs you 
should see something about a conn error.

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