On Monday 23 February 2009 12:46:04 shyam_i...@dell.com wrote:
> Does anyone know the reason for file attributes of the files created in
> /sys/firmware/ibft/<>/files being readonly?
> Can't dynamically changing parameters like target ip-addreseses, iqns
> and others etc. be configurable through userspace via sysfs?
> I think we do have precedence of firmware parameters being modified
> using sysfs.

You cannot modify the iBFT in situ, because it contains a number of 
variable-length strings and you do not (in most cases) know how much space is 
available for adding further strings.  See


for a more detailed explanation of a related issue.

You could modify the (potentially) cached values returned by sysfs, rather 
than modifying the actual table, but that would then cause inconsistent 
results between clients using sysfs and clients using the pre-sysfs method of 
directly scanning through base memory.

(I don't see why you would want to modify the iBFT anyway, but that's a 
separate issue.)


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