Konrad wrote:
>On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 06:16:04PM +0530, shyam_i...@dell.com wrote:
>> Does anyone know the reason for file attributes of the files created 
>> in /sys/firmware/ibft/<>/files being readonly?

>Yes. The spec does not allow you to write to the iBFT - only read. 

Thanks Konrad. I guess I should have read the spec before commenting (:.

>> Can't dynamically changing parameters like target ip-addreseses, iqns

>> and others etc. be configurable through userspace via sysfs?

>Can't do. Well if you are using the IBM blades, they do have a Java
tool (Blade Configuration something) that allows you to set those
entries and on 

>bootup the BIOS would generate them. The mechanism it uses to write
that data is completly vendor-specific however.

You mean the content generated by the Java tool is stored somewhere and
the BIOS reuses the content to genereate them as the spec mandates only
the BIOS to generate the iBFT.

-Shyam Iyer.

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