Hey Konrad and other boot guys,

If we have a driver that does not support ibft, but we need to somehow 
export the iscsi info used for boot to userspace how do you think we 
should go about this?

I was thinking that
1. We could libify some of the ibft sysfs code, so drivers could call 
some helper to export its boot info in a common place. The driver would 
basically talk to its firmware to get the boot info, then call something 
like iscsi_boot_sysfs_add_target_info() which would expose it in sysfs 
in a common place.

This is nice because the tools only have to look in one place, but I am 
not sure if this type of stuff can also go under the /sys/firmware dir.

2. Just have a driver do export it in its scsi/iscsi host sysfs attrs 
under /sys/class/scsi_host/hostX/boot_target.

This is nice because there is some flexilbity, but with that the tools 
will have to check the hosts info, as well as ibft firmare dir, and ppc 
dirs. We can at least make a iscsi kernel API that places it in the same 
place for each non-ibft driver and names the files the same way so 
searching from userspace is easy.

What do you guys think?

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