Through the use of StoneFlys Access Control List, you can assign
multiple Hosts access to the same volume. The options available are
Read Only or Read/Write Access. If more than one host has Read/Write
access to the same volume it is very important that only one Host at a
time accesses a particular volume. This can be useful if using the
volume in a Cluster for the quorum disk. Can also be used if there are
Volume managment tools in place such as Veritas Volume Manager.

Data/Volume corruption could occur if safeguards are not implemented!

The safest method to ensure only one host is accessing a shared volume
at the same time is to run a Volume Manager program (like Veritas'
Volume Manager or Sanbolics™ Kayo). Another option is to script the
mounting and unmounting of the Volume using Microsofts™ utility

Storage Solution Group.

On Feb 25, 11:33 pm, "" <>
> I have one stone fly storage concentrator and 2 windows host and Linux
> host are attached with it. Can I have multiple Windows Hosts accessing
> the same IP SAN Volume?
> Thanks
> David
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