On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 12:25:44PM -0600, Mike Christie wrote:
> Hey Konrad and other boot guys,
> If we have a driver that does not support ibft, but we need to somehow 
> export the iscsi info used for boot to userspace how do you think we should 
> go about this?
> I was thinking that
> 1. We could libify some of the ibft sysfs code, so drivers could call some 
> helper to export its boot info in a common place. The driver would 
> basically talk to its firmware to get the boot info, then call something 
> like iscsi_boot_sysfs_add_target_info() which would expose it in sysfs in a 
> common place.

I like this one, but with a twist - the subsystem would have to be more generic
instead of being called 'ibft'.

And it means reworking the ibft driver so that it registers under
this sysfs class and provides the boot data the same way these other
drivers would do. This would also allow multiple iBFT structures
to be exported in case you have multiple NICs - which is something that on the
gPXE mailing list was thrown around.

I think 'iscsi_boot' as a name sounds appealing. Perhaps retain the same
directory structure (that ibft has now) and have the drivers (ibft + other 
drivers) call
such '*_add_target_info', '*_add_nic_info', etc?

> This is nice because the tools only have to look in one place, but I am not 
> sure if this type of stuff can also go under the /sys/firmware dir.

True. Would have to change the parent tree. Maybe to to /sys/boot' (or 

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