Ulrich Windl wrote:
> Hello,
> with SLES10 SP1 on x86_64 (open-iscsi-2.0.707-0.32) I'm seeing a problem 
> during 
> login using "iscsiadm -m node -L automatic". After a few logins, login 
> suddenly 
> fails:

I think you will have to make a suse bugzilla or try to recreate with 
the current open-iscsi code. open-iscsi-2.0.707 is a little old and I 
have no idea what suse adds to it.

I think suse might actually have this one fixed though. You can contact 
Hannes Reinecke <h...@suse.de>. I think he gets the suse bugzilla for 
iscsi too, so either way you will reach him.

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