Erez Zilber wrote:
> Currently, open-iscsi uses debug_scsi & debug_tcp for logging. This is
> controlled by DEBUG_SCSI & DEBUG_TCP. The current method is
> problematic because you can't enable/disable these logs without
> recompiling.
> Before I start working on it, I'd like to discuss it and decide how to
> do that. If we have something like /sys/class/iscsi_logging, will it
> be good enough? We can also have logging levels (error, info, trace
> etc).

It is changed upstream. See the linux-2.6.-iscsi tree (iscsi branch). 
Each core iscsi module has its own logging. I was going to make it more 
finely grained, but I have never asked for just the login or just the 
pdu or scsi logging info and for userspace have always just asked for 
all of it. Also the iscsi kernel code is mostly for passthrough of pdus 
so there is not much to break up.

However, maybe more error info without debugging type of would be nicer 
though. You could extend the existing logging fields to do that. An 
admin might want more error info logged than what we do today maybe?

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