Mike Christie wrote:
> Erez Zilber wrote:
>> Currently, open-iscsi uses debug_scsi & debug_tcp for logging. This is
>> controlled by DEBUG_SCSI & DEBUG_TCP. The current method is
>> problematic because you can't enable/disable these logs without
>> recompiling.
>> Before I start working on it, I'd like to discuss it and decide how to
>> do that. If we have something like /sys/class/iscsi_logging, will it
>> be good enough? We can also have logging levels (error, info, trace
>> etc).
> It is changed upstream. See the linux-2.6.-iscsi tree (iscsi branch). 

The userspace code could also use some fixups. A lot of the messages 
come from nowhere. There is no prefix to match up the message with a 
session, and sometimes the prefixes are different.

Ulrich also mentioned that some of the messages need a rate limit on them.

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