george joseph wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> Please try the following steps.
> 1) Log out from all the connected session.
> 2) Delete the entry using iscsiadm -m discovery --portal=IP address 
> --op=delete

Then it's safe to rm -fr the /var/lib/iscsi dir?  I want to get
rid of all of the interface config and node config as well.

Something else I just hit:  If I try to stop iscsi twice (without running
it in between), iscsiadm hangs trying to log out the second time..probably
because it can't connect to the iscsi daemons.  Any clean fix for
this, or maybe just script it to look at the process listing and
don't call iscsiadm if no daemons are running?


Ben Greear <>
Candela Technologies Inc

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