I don't think open-iscsi needs to support that.
You just load the relevant I/O AT modules. This should get automatically
loaded if the system BIOS enables I/O AT (requires chipset support).
Once you have done that the network has a performance boost and you can
do all you want from normal network things including open-iscsi.


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I need Intel I/OAT support in open-iscsi.  I'm now using RHEL 5.3.  I
cannot tell if RHEL 5.3 kernel supports I/OAT or not by reading its
source code.  It would be great help if anyone could answer the
following questions for me.

1) Do open-iscsi modules in RHEL 5.3 kernel support I/OAT?
2) Does open-iscsi support I/OAT now?  If so, from which version?

Thank you!


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