bigcatxjs wrote:
> Thanks Mike...
> On Mar 13, 8:45 pm, Mike Christie <> wrote:
>> bigcatxjs wrote:
>>>> At these times is there lots of disk IO? Is there anything in the target
>>>> logs?
>>> It is fair to say that all these volumes take a heavy hit, in terms of
>>> I/O.  Each host (excluding the RHEL 5.3. test host) run two Oracle
>>> databases, of which some have intra-database replication (Oracle
>>> Streams) enabled.  The issue on the RHEL 5.2 host occures every 10
>>> secs or so during Office Hours when it is being utilised.
>> Do you mean every 10 seconds you see the conn error then conn operation
>> messages? That sounds like the nop bug in 5.2.
> Yes - this is occuring on the RHEL 5.2 host.

Ok then upgrading to 5.3 should help.

> I have applied these changes just now.  Thanks.  Received an error
> logging back into iscsi;

You mean the iferror?

> Mar 17 12:40:47 MYHOST53 iscsid: received iferror -38

You can ignore this. It just means the userspace tools wanted to set 
value in the kernel but could not because the kernel did not support it. 
The userspace tools should then do it in userspace instead. If it is 
something that the tools cannot work around then it will fail the operation.

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