Mike Christie wrote:
>> Does open-iscsi support I/OAT now?  If so, from which version?
> No. It uses some network API that is not converted to support I/OAT. The 
> intel guys have sent patches to add it, but they were a little behind 
> upstream so their patches would break. I think they are working on it still. 
Mike, Here's a pointer for the patches 
http://www.mail-archive.com/open-iscsi@googlegroups.com/msg00388.html - 
and now after saving you 5sec of work... a question comes: can you or 
Supreeth help me get educated what makes the open iscsi usage of the 
network API not applicable to use receive copy offload by the kernel 
I/OAT engine -  such that both the network stack and the iscsi code has 
to be patched? for example, does the NFS kernel code can use I/OAT as it 
is now?



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