Thanks for the patch. wrote:
> Resending because earlier patch had a small typo. 
>> Ulrich wrote: 
>> On 17 Mar 2009 at 22:33, wrote:
>>> The issue is caused because child is trying to free up the session
> and 
>>> connections that the parent had setup.
>> Hi!
>> Not knowing the source, I wonder: Parent and child (both processes?)
> have their own copy of memory, so each one can free within its own copy
> of memory. 
>> If they are calling some external process to free something, it's most
> likely a race condition, because the "server" should only allow to free
> anything
>> exactly one.
> Yes. You are right. There was actually a race condition because of the
> event loop being stopped twice.
> Looks like I got a patch with the real scenario affecting the bug.
> Please note I am marking the attempt by the parent to stop the event
> loop when it has already stopped as an internal error. 
> I am not sure if we are supposed to log the error but yet this
> serializing the stopping of event loop will fix the issue of freeing
> twice.
> I think we don't have to call stop_event_loop if event_loop is already
> stopped.

We should not have to call stop_event_loop if the event_loop is already 
stopped. What I am wondering is how the event loop is stopped by anyone 
other than the call to stop_event_loop? It looks like it could happen if 
there was a signal or if there was a poll error. Did you see either of 
those in your test?

Even if we did stop_event_loop when event_loop is not running, I am not 
sure I how this causes a double free or corruption. If event_loop is 
stopped then will stop_event_loop return an error and that will cause us 
to send a sigterm to the parent but the parent could have completed? 
Would that return the same error you are seeing?

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