Mike Christie wrote:
> I am not sure what you are asking. Did you look at the patches?

I gave it quick look before asking, I looked now again and I think
to understand this better - lets see if I'm in the correct direction:

The I/OAT related kernel code serves the TCP stack for coping data 
from the skb to the consumer buffer - for user space consumers this
is fairly simple and done behind the kernel cover. For kernel consumers
such as iscsi - things go a bit complex as there's richer API and some
flavors of it may not be applicable to use the dma functionality - or the
other way around - the dma functionality has to be exported/used by the 
network stack consumer - namely iscsi, nfs, gfs, etc. So this patch set
does changes both in the network internals/api and in iscsi logic.


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