Tomasz Chmielewski schrieb:

>> iscsistart: Could not read proc_name for host1 rc 5.
>> iscsi: invalid session 0
>> iscsistart: Received iferror -22
>> iscsistart: can't create connection (2)
>> iscsistart: Received iferror -22
>> iscsistart: can not safely destroy session 0
>> iscsistart: Received iferror -22
>> iscsistart: can't bind conn 0:0 to session 0, retcode 1 (115)
>> What does it mean? How can I make iscsistart work again (other than 
>> downgrading)?
> It looks like iscsistart is broken in 2.0-870.3?
> I took iscsistart binary from an older 2.0-870.x release and it works 
> fine with 2.0-870.3 kernel modules with Debian Lenny's 2.6.26 (amd64) 
> kernel.
> Although when I start iscsid from any 2.0-870.x release, it drops the 
> connection started by iscsistart and is unable to reconnect ("iscsid: 
> Could not verify connection 0:1. Dropping event."), until the device is 
> offlined.

Can it be that these problems happen where kernel is 64 bit and 
userspace is 32 bit?

Tomasz Chmielewski

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