Nicholas A. Bellinger wrote:
> Greetings Mike, Hannes and co:
> Here is the OOPs that I am seeing with upstream Open-iSCSI on
> v2.6.27.10 with the TASK_ABORTED status getting returned to outstanding

It looks like you are returning TASK_ABORTED when a R2T has been sent to 
the initiator and it was responding or do we have InitialR2T=No and are 
doing that first part of the write.

If so it might be the following:

Novell's target sent a check condition when a R2T was being processed 
and at that time, our reading of "10.4.2. Status":

    If a SCSI device error is detected while data from the initiator is
    still expected (the command PDU did not contain all the data and the
    target has not received a Data PDU with the final bit Set), the
    target MUST wait until it receives a Data PDU with the F bit set in
    the last expected sequence before sending the Response PDU.

We took this to mean that if we were sending data in response to a r2t 
or with the command pdu as part of InitialR2T=No handling, then the 
target would not send a scsi command response pdu on us. If it did then 
that r2t handling is basically dangling around and when the task is 
reallocated we see it did not get handled in that check.

If we read the spec right then the fix for us is simple. Fix your target :)

If I goofed then the fix for us might be simple. See the attached patch. 
I would have to look at the other drivers to make sure it works for them.

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--- linux-        2009-03-30 
19:32:26.000000000 -0500
+++ linux-     2009-03-30 19:33:25.000000000 
@@ -332,6 +332,9 @@ static void iscsi_complete_command(struc
        struct iscsi_session *session = conn->session;
        struct scsi_cmnd *sc = task->sc;
+       if (task->state != ISCSI_TASK_PENDING)
+               conn->session->tt->cleanup_task(conn, task);
        task->state = ISCSI_TASK_COMPLETED;
        task->sc = NULL;
@@ -402,8 +405,6 @@ static void fail_command(struct iscsi_co
                 * the cmd in the sequencing
-       else
-               conn->session->tt->cleanup_task(conn, task);
         * Check if cleanup_task dropped the lock and the command completed,

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