> Sure.. but the normal rdac handler (that comes with the kernel) doesn't
> spit those errors. It looks as a proprietary module.
> If this is the proprietary module, what happens when you use the one that
> comes with
> the RHEL5U2 kernel?

This RDAC handler is suggested in
and I had to download it from
http://www.lsi.com/rdac/rdac-LINUX-09.02.C5.16-source.tar.gz, and compile
it. I haven't tested the RDAC from the Kernel... Do you have any info on how
to do it?

What I have done previously was to test the DM-multipath with the
"path_checker readsector0" in /etc/multipath. I got the same problems in
this Raid 10 configuration for the DS3300. However, dividing the same DS3300
in 6 R1, I had no problems either with the present RDAC or with readsector0,
but I got better I/O performance with the RDAC.


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