Mike Christie wrote:
> What are you trying to accomplish? The manual add threw me.
> Normally when you do
> iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p .....
> it will create some files in /etc/iscsi/nodes (or /var/lib/iscsi/nodes 
> in some distros). Then you can set the node.startup value to control if 
> when the iscsi service is started if you want the tools to automatically 
> log in for you.
> With the
> iscsiadm -m node -T .. -p .. -o new
> it creates some files in the nodes dir and you can again set if you want 
> the tools to autologin or not.
> For the second option you listed (the manual add one), it seems like if 
> you were going to write out a list of portal,target,iface tuples that 
> you want to log into, then it is same as doing iscsiadm -o new command 
> (iscsiadm -o new would be writing the file for you basically). Are you 
> just trying to not have to run iscsiadm at all?

At the moment I'd have to either put a startup script in place, or
manually run the above commands at least once to get targets etc added
to the iscsi database.

I'd like to be able to deliver a config file to the system, and have the
system do the creation of ifaces, and the discovery (or manual add) or
targets as part of its startup (e.g in the init.d script), as well as
the 'loginall' it currently does.  A config file listing ifaces,
portals, targets etc seemed to be the right way to do this - it being
parsed by a startup script.

Hope this makes sense.




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