solidguy wrote:
> Spoke too soon. After reboot, it reverted to the previous behavior.
> The message in /var/log/messages is:
> Apr  5 22:52:47 test0 iscsid: transport class version 1.1-646. iscsid
> version 2.0-870
> vs
> Apr  4 11:12:49 test2 kernel: Loading iSCSI transport class v2.0-870.
> Is this because of the ib_iser module dependency in machine C (test0)?

Sort of.

The iscsi modules that come with Centos are older (1.1-646 based and 
this is pretty old and you probably want to upgrade to Centos 5.3). 
Those kernel iscsi modules did did not use a iscsi_eh thread. Instead 
they used the system default one.

In newer iscsi modules like the ones that come with the open-iscsi 
tarball that you get on uses a special iscsi_eh thread 
(one for the entire iscsi module).

So it looks like in one box you are using the older modules, and in A 
and B you are using the iscsi modules that came with tarball.

Doing a make install of the release normally will install 
the modules. Install here means that it overwrites the 
native kernel iscsi modules with its own.

Do you need iser? If so then you need to use the iscsi kernel modules 
that come with the kernel. The iscsi modules that come with releases do not support iser.

> On Apr 5, 10:58 pm, solidguy <> wrote:
>> Fixed with
>> yum remove iscsi*
>> followed by
>> make install; chkconfig --add open-iscsi
>> On Apr 4, 10:41 pm, solidguy <> wrote:
>>> I downloaded and built the latest semi-stable build (870.3). I built
>>> this on 3 different machines (A,B,C) all are supposedly Centos 2.6.18
>>> (uname -r) . After make install and reboot, 2 of the machines (A&B)
>>> have an [iscsi_eh] process, but the 3rd one does not. All modules
>>> (*.ko) are the same size and iscsiadm -V reports "iscsiadm version
>>> 2.0-870". However all 3 machines are able to login to targets exported
>>> by a solaris box. Is this OK? How do I go about debugging this?
>>> The only difference on machine C is the output of lsmod | grep iscsi:
>>> A&B:
>>> iscsi_tcp              27280  0
>>> libiscsi               38272  1 iscsi_tcp
>>> scsi_transport_iscsi    41880  3 iscsi_tcp,libiscsi
>>> scsi_mod              152240  10
>>> iscsi_tcp,libiscsi,scsi_transport_iscsi,sr_mod,sg,mptsas,mptscsih,scsi_transport_sas,libata,sd_mod
>>> C:
>>> iscsi_tcp              29312  4
>>> libiscsi               30080  2 ib_iser,iscsi_tcp
>>> scsi_transport_iscsi    37016  4 ib_iser,iscsi_tcp,libiscsi
>>> scsi_mod              152240  37
>>> ib_iser,tmscsim,sym53c8xx,sr_mod,sg,scsi_transport_sas,raid_class,qla2xxx,qla1280,ppa,osst,megaraid_sas,megaraid_mbox,megaraid,lpfc,scsi_transport_fc,iscsi_tcp,libiscsi,scsi_transport_iscsi,imm,ide_scsi,hptiop,dmx3191d,dc395x,ch,BusLogic,atp870u,aic7xxx,aic79xx,scsi_transport_spi,ahci,aacraid,a100u2w,
>>> 3w_xxxx,3w_9xxx,libata,sd_mod
>>> Apparently it is loading some other version (as far as I can tell make
>>> install wiped out the previous version installed which was 868).
>>> Thanks
> > 

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