Data digest is always offered as None, even for iBFT based boot
sessions started by iscsistart. I was trying to boot RHEL5 U3, and it
installs and boots fine to the iSCSI LUN, with Header digest on, and
Data digest off.
But if the Target always requires Data digests on, the login will fail
with a non-retryable login failure error.
My suggestion would be to always offer Header and Data digests, with a
preference for them off, atleast in the boot scenario, since we don't
know what the target will require, and the user does not have any
means of configuring it with configuration files, for the boot case.
I edited the iscsistart.c in the 2.0-870.3, and added the default
behavior to offer Header and Data digests as None,CRC32C, and it boots
fine after that.
Also noticed another issue on RHEL 5 U3, where iscsistart looks for /
dev/mem, and the mkinitrd on that does not create it dynamically after
mounting /dev on tmpfs. Edited the init script in the initrd and
rebuilt it for that.
There's probably a better place to put these additions, but to affect
the default behavior only in the boot case, I put it here.
Here's the diff for iscsistart.c on the git code as of today
$ diff -p  open-iscsi/usr/iscsistart.c iscsistart.c
*** open-iscsi/usr/iscsistart.c 2009-04-09 13:29:10.000000000 +0530 
--- iscsistart.c        2009-04-09 13:20:10.000000000 +0530
*************** static int setup_session(void)
*** 182,187 ****
--- 182,190 ----
                strlcpy((char *)auth->password_in, context-
                auth->password_in_length = strlen((char *)auth-
+               // always offer both for boot targets..
+               config_rec.conn[0].iscsi.HeaderDigest =
+               config_rec.conn[0].iscsi.DataDigest =
                rc2 = login_session();
                if (rc2)


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