Karen Xie wrote:
> Hi,
> Data digest is always offered as None, even for iBFT based boot
> sessions started by iscsistart. I was trying to boot RHEL5 U3, and it
> installs and boots fine to the iSCSI LUN, with Header digest on, and
> Data digest off.

Data Digests are not supported in RHEL 5.

> But if the Target always requires Data digests on, the login will fail
> with a non-retryable login failure error.
> My suggestion would be to always offer Header and Data digests, with a
> preference for them off, atleast in the boot scenario, since we don't
> know what the target will require, and the user does not have any
> means of configuring it with configuration files, for the boot case.
> I edited the iscsistart.c in the 2.0-870.3, and added the default
> behavior to offer Header and Data digests as None,CRC32C, and it boots
> fine after that.
> Also noticed another issue on RHEL 5 U3, where iscsistart looks for /
> dev/mem, and the mkinitrd on that does not create it dynamically after

The iscsistart from RHEL5 should not look in /dev/mem. It should always 
just use the iscsi ibft sysfs module.

The open-iscsi.org git one should also use the ibft module now too. The 
older open-iscsi.org releases would use /dev/mem.

> mounting /dev on tmpfs. Edited the init script in the initrd and
> rebuilt it for that.
> There's probably a better place to put these additions, but to affect
> the default behavior only in the boot case, I put it here.
> Here's the diff for iscsistart.c on the git code as of today
> $ diff -p  open-iscsi/usr/iscsistart.c iscsistart.c
> *** open-iscsi/usr/iscsistart.c 2009-04-09 13:29:10.000000000 +0530 
> --- iscsistart.c        2009-04-09 13:20:10.000000000 +0530
> *************** static int setup_session(void)
> *** 182,187 ****
> --- 182,190 ----
>                 strlcpy((char *)auth->password_in, context-
>> chap_password_in,
>                         sizeof(context->chap_password_in));
>                 auth->password_in_length = strlen((char *)auth-
>> password_in);
> +               // always offer both for boot targets..

Use C style comments like in the kernel.

> +               config_rec.conn[0].iscsi.HeaderDigest =
> +               config_rec.conn[0].iscsi.DataDigest =

>                 rc2 = login_session();
>                 if (rc2)

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