Matthew Kent wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-04-13 at 15:44 -0500, Mike Christie wrote:
>> Matthew Kent wrote:
>>> Can anyone suggest a timeout I might be hitting or a setting I'm
>>> missing?
>>> The run down:
>>> - EqualLogic target
>>> - CentOS 5.2 client
>> You will want to upgrade that to 5.3 when you can. The iscsi code in 
>> there fixes a bug where the initiator dropped the session when it should 
>> not.
> Will do, probably Wednesday night and we'll see if this goes away. I'll
> be sure to follow up for the archives.
>>> - xfs > lvm > iscsi
>>> During a period of high load the EqualLogic decides to load balance:
>>>  INFO  4/13/09  12:08:29 AM  eql3    iSCSI session to target
>>> ',
>>>' from
>>> initiator ',' was
>>> closed.   Load balancing request was received on the array.  
>> So is this what you get in the EQL log when it decides to load balance 
>> the initiator and send us to a different portal?
> Yes, a straight copy from event log in the java web interface.
>>>  INFO  4/13/09  12:08:31 AM  eql3    iSCSI login to target
>>> ',
>>>' from
>>> initiator ','
>>> successful, using standard frame length.  
>>> on the client see I get:
>>> Apr 13 00:08:29 moo kernel: [4576850.161324] sd 5:0:0:0: SCSI error:
>>> return code = 0x00020000
>>> Apr 13 00:08:29 moo kernel: [4576850.161330] end_request: I/O error, dev
>>> sdc, sector 113287552
>>> Apr 13 00:08:32 moo kernel: [4576852.470879] I/O error in filesystem
>>> ("dm-10") meta-data dev dm-10 block 0x6c0a000
>> Are you using dm-multipath over iscsi? Does this load balance issue 
>> affect all the paths at the same time? What is your multipath 
>> no_path_retry value? I think you might want to set that higher to avoid 
>> the FS from getting IO errors at this time if all paths are affected at 
>> the same time.
> Not using multipath on this one.

Do you have xfs on sdc or is there something like LVM or RAID on top of sdc?

That is really strange then. 0x00020000 is DID_BUS_BUSY. The iscsi 
initiator layer would return this when the target does its load 
balancing. The initiator does this to ask he scsi layer to retry the IO. 
If dm-multipath was used then it is failed to the multipath layer right 
away. If dm-multipath is not used then we get 5 retries so we should not 
see the error if there was only the one rebalancing at the time. If 
there was a bunch of load rebalancing within a couple minutes then it 
makes sense.

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