benoit plessis wrote:
> First i would ask why the hell ?
> The netapp filer is a very good CIFS/SMB share server. Using it as an 
> iSCSI target -- which is not is primary
> function (netapp filer are more NAS than SAN) -- will only create 
> limitations (unable to resize volume on the fly,
> unable to use wafl attributes to store windows security acl, ...) with 
> no visible gain ...

Netapp filers works supports well SMB as long as you have a M$ domain 
PDC server or an AD server, I don't

If you use Samba as PDC, SMB won't work natively ( if you have a 
solution that works I'll be really happy to get it !! )

>  Also your server seem very overkill to me, i must hope it won't have to 
> be just a samba<=>iscsi interface ...

no it's a complete server, not only disks access,  with 800 M$ clients 
connected to.

> For iSCSI and netapp in general, first make sure that you have at least
> 10% of free space inside the volume, and 10% of free space inside the 
> aggregate or else perf could
> suffer and more important you won't be able to launch the reallocate 
> process ("defrag").
> The following is the recommended netapp/iscsi optimisations, however 
> open-iscsi doesn't support multiple
>  connections per session now (iirc), so the best way to have parallel 
> access is to use multipath
> iscsi.iswt.max_ios_per_session 64
> iscsi.max_connections_per_session 16
> iscsi.max_ios_per_session    64

thank you for your help

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