I wanted to share some infos about a "discovery" we made using mysql over

We have a bunch of replicated mysql server, initially all using ext3, due to
perfs problems we
tried comparing persf in ext3 vs ext2, and we found the following:

server using ext3
        normal iops   100
        normal bw      25/30Mbps
        peak iops       1000
        peak bw         45/52Mbps

server using ext2
        normal iops   40
        normal bw      4/5 Mbps
        peak iops       50
        peak bw         7/8 Mbps

All servers using the "noop" scheduler.

The ext3 FS wasn't even using journalised datas, only the standard metadata
configuration, but the
impact on resource usage is quite impressive ....

So the question is, what do you use as FS over iSCSI ?

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