On Tue, 2009-04-14 at 19:19 -0700, Mike Christie wrote:
> Hey offload guys,
> If we are using a offload card, then iface_set_param will match the 
> iface info to a scsi_host and pass that info down to setup the net 
> settings of the port (currently we just set the ip address). When we 
> create the tcp/ip connection by calling ep_connect, we currently just go 
> by the routing table info.
> I think there are two problems with this.
> 1. Some drivers do not have access to a routing table. Some drivers like 
> qla4xxx do not even know about other ports.
> 2. If you have two initiator ports on the same subnet, the user may have 
> set things up so that session1 was supposed to be run through port1. and 
> session2 was supposed to be run through port2. It looks like we could 
> end with both sessions going through one of the ports.
> Also how do you edit the routing table for the offload cards? You cannot 
> use normal net tools like route can you?
> 3. If we set up hostA in the iface_set_param step, but then the routing 
> info leads us to hostB, we are stuck.
> I did the attached patches to fix this. Basically we just pass down the 
> scsi host we want to go through. Well, ok I began to fix this :) For 
> qla4xxx or serverengines I think this will work fine.
> For bnx2i and cxgb3i, I am not sure. See the TODO and note in cxgb3i in 
> kern-ep-connect-through-host.patch. bnx2i guys, you guys do somehting 
> similar so will this work? In ep_connect can I control which host/port 
> to use?

this will work for bnx2i

> The patches were made against my iscsi tress. The kernel one was made 
> over the iscsi brandh and that was just updated so you might want to 
> reclone.
> The userspace one was made over the open-iscsi git tree head.

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