I am working on developing an iSCSI intiator in uCLinux.
Right now we are doing this using linux shell and running certain
programs of iSCSI (like iscsiadm, iscsid) from the shell . But what I
want to do is inititate and establish the iSCSI communication using an
interface module.

The bus is going to be PCI. So its basically going to be a PCI-iSCSI

My question is, should I read through the iscsiadm, iscsid etc and
then write a program that has hooks for theAPIs in these files ? Or is
it like I just need to invoke the iscsi daemon by making some
functional call ?
Or are there like a Master Api for each of the iscsi functionalities ?

Excuse me if the questions i asked are absurd or vague . I am a
newbie .

Thanks !
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