I discovered 2 machine, 10 targets,out of which
performed login on 2) and 5 targets,out of
which performed login on 3).I am using IET target and 'iscsi-initiator-
utils-' initiator.

So at present there are 5 connections on initiator.suddenly if
initiator reboots.

we are having following code in 'iscsi' service
iscsiadm -m node --logoutall=all(stop function)
iscsiadm -m node --loginall=automatic(start function)

But disadvantage is that it will login to all 15 targets from both
7.50 and 7.51 machines,and not 5 which already were there.This is
because previous discovery entry is still there in "/var/lib/iscsi/
nodes" and "/var/lib/iscsi/send_targets".

If I commented above 2 lines from 'iscsi' service,It works fine for
stop,start,restart service operations.i.e.initiator is restoring only
connections which were there previously.

But this doesn't work across reboot.I lost my 5 connections after
reboot though above 2 lines were commented.

Thus,what should I do for persistent connections across reboot?
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