A few more comments on this failure:
This may be a problem with how the check response is being processed
by the iSCSI stack...possibly due to data digest.

The Inquiry command goes out, the response is received with data
digest, and appears to be accepted.  A Test Unit Ready command then
goes out, response received, and 500 ms later the initiator attempts
to open a new connection/login.   The target then resets the original
TCP connection.  This is repeated several times

Is it possible that the check response with data digest is not being
handled correctly?

The /var/log/message contains a series of the following messages:

connection2:0:0 detected conn error (1011)

On Apr 17, 9:17 am, Joer <jre...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I ran into an odd interaction between having Data Digest enabled for a
> session and the classic Unit Attention check condition for the first
> command issued during a session other than Inquiry.  My base setup is
> as follows:
> Open iSCSI Initiator: 2.0-869.2
> RHEL 5.2 32 bit running in an ESX VM
> My test has four target entities behind a dual portal -portal group.
> The targets are setup to negotiate digest as follow:
> Target1: no header digest / no data digest
> Target2: no header digest / data digest
> Target3: header digest / no data digest
> Target4: header digest / data digest
> The problem:
> Open iSCSI posts a connection error and resets the connection when the
> Unit Attention check condition is received on Targets 2 and 4
> following a Test Unit Ready command.  My first guess was that there
> was a problem with Data Digest generated by for the response PDU
> containing the check.  However, the Wireshark capture performed on the
> nitiator side is saying the digest is good.  I checked the response
> PDU format and padding and it looks correct.
> Has anyone seen anything like this before?
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