Joer wrote:
> Mike,
> This the stock RHEL5.2 kernel.

Could you try the kernel modules here
Just do

tar -zxvf open-iscsi-2.0-870.3.debug.tar.gz
cd open-iscsi-2.0-870.3.debug/kernel

service iscsi stop
modprobe -r iscsi_tcp
insmod scsi_transport_iscsi.ko
insmod libiscsi.ko
insmod iscsi_tcp.ko

service iscsi start
and retry your test.

Send all the log outpout. There should be a lot.

> -joe
> On Apr 21, 9:18 am, Mike Christie <> wrote:
>> Joer wrote:
>>> Mike,
>>> Response in line....
>>> On Apr 20, 5:14 pm, Mike Christie <> wrote:
>>>> Joer wrote:
>>>>> A few more comments on this failure:
>>>>> This may be a problem with how the check response is being processed
>>>>> by the iSCSI stack...possibly due to data digest.
>>>>> The Inquiry command goes out, the response is received with data
>>>>> digest, and appears to be accepted.  A Test Unit Ready command then
>>>>> goes out, response received, and 500 ms later the initiator attempts
>>>>> to open a new connection/login.   The target then resets the original
>>>>> TCP connection.  This is repeated several times
>>>> Is this easy to replicated? Does it happen every time?
>>> Yes, but only with data digest.  The cases that fail are data digest
>>> only, header + data digest.
>>>> Were you using the initiator that comes with RHEL 5.2 or 2.0-869.2 from
>>> I am using the initiator from
>> What kernel are you using? Is it a RHEL one or upstream one on RHEL?- Hide 
>> quoted text -
>> - Show quoted text -
> > 

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