On 21 Apr 2009 at 23:22, tomorrowflow wrote:

> Hi,
> i'm running open-iscis and ocfs2 on ubuntu 8.10 (open-iscsi 0.865) and
> having much trouble...
> when i'm trying to write large files (5GB) to the openfiler target, my
> system reboots after 800MB - there are thre boxes all configured the
> same. i also tryed open-iscsi 0.870 and kernels between 2.6.24 and
> 2.6.27.

Is there any kernel message before reboot (/var/log/*), or is there some XEN 
message (xm dmesg (as long as it's still running))?

> there are VMs on xen running on ocfs2, so they are destroyed after
> some time - also the concrete failure is not reproducable because i
> can't see when it will happen or has happend.
> the only way to reproduce a failure is the above.

Maybe changing the syslog to write messages synchonously and putting messages 
on a 
synchronously writing filesystem would be helpful to capture the last messages. 
Maybe something like
while xm dmesg>>xen.log
  sleep 1 # or longer

will be helpful.

I'm not using file backends for XEN (yet); how did you configure those?


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