Thank you really.But I have not got the expected results.


1. iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p -o new -o

2. iscsiadm -m node -T -p -o update -n node.startup -v automatic

   so '/var/lib/iscsi/nodes/
\:Target1/\,3260\,1/default' entry changed from
node.startup=manual(as specified in iscsid.conf) to

3. iscsiadm -m node -T -p --login

4. Then if I again perform step 1(i.e. discovery),node.startup gets
overwritten as 'manual'.

I have specified 'node.startup' entry to be 'manual' and will update
it to 'automatic' only of those targets which are logged in.

What is going wrong.Am I performing the same operations as you told?
I am using iscsi-initiator-utils- and it seems to
have discovery switches.
Do I need to upgrade it?

On Apr 21, 7:24 pm, Mike Christie <> wrote:
> HIMANSHU wrote:
> > Yeah.This worked for me.I specified 'node.startup=manual' in
> > 'iscsid.conf'.
> > so running update command to change it to 'automatic' only on login(or
> > I will give option for persistent connection across reboot).
> > But my problem these changes vanish after another discovery command.
> > I login to one target say TAR1, from 30.51 and fired update command to
> > change 'node.startup' to 'automatic'.
> > and then after some time,If I want to login to another target from
> > 30.51,I need to fire discovery command,which will make 'node.startup'
> > of TAR1 changed to 'manual' again due to 'iscsid.conf'.
> You can pass the discovery commands some flags to indicated how you want
> it to manage the db.
> iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p ip -o new
> will just add new target portals that are not in the db.
> iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p ip -o delete
> will delete target portals that are in the db but no longer returned by
> the target in sendtargets discvoery.
> iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p ip -o update
>   was supposed to update target portal records that are in the db and
> returned by sendtargets using the iscsid.conf info. I checked the code
> today and it actually updates existing records and will add new ones
> using the iscsid.conf info.
> Then you can pass in combos. I think you want
> iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p ip -o new -o delete
> this will add new records for new target portals, and delete records for
> targets no longer returned by the target, and for existing portals it
> will not update the records so your existing record settings will not be
> overwritten.
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