> Hi,
> I am using iscsi-initiator-utils- on 64bit CentOS
> machine.  I am able to discover the target but while connecting,it
> gave me an error. The following is the output of /var/log/message.

What target is this?

> Apr 24 12:40:27 localhost kernel:   Type:   Direct-
> Access                      ANSI SCSI revision: 04
> Apr 24 12:40:27 localhost kernel: SCSI device sdc: 3989504 512-byte
> hdwr sectors (2043 MB)
> Apr 24 12:40:27 localhost kernel: iscsi: received itt 4000000,
> expected CID (0)

We get this when we expected getting a command with some tag (itt) with 
a value X and instead we get Y.

> Apr 24 12:40:33 localhost iscsid: conn 0 login rejected: initiator
> error - target not found (02/03)

It might be related to this. It just means that we tried to log into a 
target, but it did not exist on the other box.

Are you able to log into some targets but not others here?

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