i'm using centos with dm-multipath and iscsi as a database system. All
packages are normal centos packages from their mirrors.

This night I was updating centos to the current release (5.3, previous
version was 5.2). So the first thing I have done was stopping the multipathd
and iscsi. After this I was doing the normal update stuff (yum
check-updates, yum clean all, yum update glibc\*, yum update). During the
last yum update the new kernel was installed (2.6.18-128.1.6.el5, previous
was 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5).

During the installation process of the kernel, the yum process hangs.
Looking with ps for the hanging processes, I see that the kernel package was
building the initrd. After killing this process and repeating the yum update
process (this time only the kernel-package) about 5 times, the same strange
failure occurs (process hangs on building initrd). The sixth time I was
stracing the whole update process and see that the mkinitrd process does a
wait-syscall for sth.. After killing this process again I went down to the
server room to reboot the system and try another update process. I reboot
the systems, stops multipathd and iscsi and starting the update process. On
this update I could see that during the mkinitrd process, a kernel message
"device-mapper: failed path x:x:x:x" occurs. Hmm this is strange I thought,
because I've stopped multipathd and iscsi, so why means the kernel that a
path is failed? Once again killing the mkinitrd process and then starting
multipathd and iscsi I've tried another update process. And, yeha, it

I could reproduce this behavior on 2 machines, both centos with standard

So can anybody comprehend this "failure" or any ideas?


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