One more question analogues to this.

Suppose I login to 1st target from machine 30.12,it was having node I saved its credentials in iscsid.conf and then I
fired the discovery command followed by login command.It was
successful and those credentials also got stored in nodes and

Then if I want to login to 2nd target which is also having node
authentication from same machine,I am overwriting same iscsid.conf
file.So I am loosing my previous credentials from iscsid.conf.Also
after discovery,I am loosing previous target information from nodes
and send_targets.

So solution would be maintaining separate iscsid.conf files per logged
in target.Can I do that here?
ietd allows to read from different configuration file.right?

On Apr 28, 9:19 am, HIMANSHU <> wrote:
> Thank you very much Mike for all this.
> Can you please give me the test src rpm for CentOS 5.4?
> On Apr 27, 8:50 pm, Mike Christie <> wrote:
> > HIMANSHU wrote:
> > > I am now having 'iscsi-initiator-utils-' and
> > > performed the steps mentioned in my last post.
> > > Still after when I discover using 'iscsiadm -m discovery -t
> > > sendtargets -p -o new -o
> > >  delete',nodes and sendtargets entries gets overwritten.
> > Sorry, sorry, my fault. I was looking up the current devel version. In
> > RHEL 5.3/CentO35.3 and below there is no fix.
> > You have to use the upstream code. I can also give you a test src rpm I
> > am working on for RHEL 5.4/CentOs 5.4 if you want? It has the change needed.
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