Hannes Reinecke wrote:
> mala...@us.ibm.com wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>      I am trying to install RHEL5.3 on an iSCSI disk with two paths.
>> I booted with "mapth" option but the installer picked up only a single
>> path. Is this the expected behavior when I use "iBFT"?
>> The install went fine on a single path. I was trying to convert the
>> single path to multi-path by running "mkinitrd". RHEL was unable to boot
>> (panics) with the new "initrd" image.  The only difference between the
>> old initrd image and the new one is that the old initrd image was using
>> iBFT method and the new image was trying to use the values from the
>> existing session(s) at "initrd" creation time. For some reason the
>> latter method doesn't work. Is this a known bug?
>> I also tried installing SLES10 and SLES11. I believe they recommend
>> installing on a single path and then converting to multipath. I have
>> found that SLES11's initrd image can only find one path even after
>> including "multipath" support into the initrd image. It creates a
>> dm-multipath device with a single path and later converts to
>> dm-multipath device with two paths later when it runs scripts in
>> /etc/init.d. SLES10's behavior might be same, but I didn't analyse. Does
>> anyone know if SLES11's initrd image can find more than one iSCSI path?
> Yes, I do :-)
> I have patched the SUSE initrd to activate all network interfaces which
> are configured via ifup in the running system.
> You'd need the attached patch to /lib/mkinitrd to achieve this.

I am not sure if it will help, but if you wanted to try and just 
activate the nics that were set in the ibft info then you can run 
"iscsiadm -m fw" and it will print out all the targets in ibft and the 
info for the nic that is associated with the target.

I think that might be helpful if a user were to swap nics between boots. 
You could parse the iscsiadm -m fw info and start the nics in there 
using the info that is spit out.

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