Im trying to use open-iscsi to export a drbd disk from two machines to a
third machine, which is using multipath.


It works fine!

If a target goes missing (simulated crash) while idle, multipath begins
using the other. When it comes back, multipath uses it again. Everything is


But! If a target goes missing, and it's the one currently being written to,
the initiator machine experiences a soft lockup (BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0
stuck for 61s) and never recovers.


In an effort to solve the problem ive upgraded the old open-iscsi I had to
the "semi stable" then upgraded again to a very recently downloaded
open-iscsi git release, and it still happens in all 3 versions.

Im now using kernel, still happens.

When mounting one of the iscsi exports directly without multipath, still

When mounting a partition created under the iscsi export, still happens.


Can anyone help me with the problem?




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