Erez Zilber wrote:
>> Could you try my linux-2.6-iscsi git tree and turn on debugging?
> Moving to another kernel will be harder for me, but I can add a printk
> in the eh handler.

Can you recompile the libiscsi module with debugging?
uncomment this:

/* #define DEBUG_SCSI */

in libiscsi.h

You might also want to add some debugs in iscsi_eh_abort. We might 
hitting one of those early return statements (some do not have 
printks/debug statements).

>>> open-iscsi logs in again after 10 seconds and sends the command again.
>> Do you see something about a target reset or host reset?
> No
>>> SCST also cleans up the session.
>> If the initiator thinks the abort failed (actually it is more like we
>> will return failed if we think it is possible that someone could still
>> be accessing the commands buffers, because we do not want scsi-ml to
>> start using them again) it would return FAILED to the scsi-eh which for
>> us would end up running the host/target reset, which we just drop the
>> session for.
>> We discussed before we need to modify how we decided when to return
>> failed and we need to send a target reset for the host/target reset
>> handler because the target reset and session relogin have different
>> clearing effects. Vlad also has concerns about the tcp/ip connection
>> teardown and buildup.
>>> Can anyone explain the reason for this behavior? I would expect that
>> iser and iscsi_tcp both hooked in the same libiscsi.c eh code. You
>> should know this :)
> I suspect that scsi-ml doesn't call the eh handler at all. Anyway, I
> will add this printk and retest.

Yeah, that is what it is looking like. If the initiator dropped the 
session then you should see the conn error 1011 or a "target reset 
succeeded" or "host reset succeeded" message or a failure message if we 
did not log back in.

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