tweyergraf wrote:
> Hi folks,
> we have a rather weird problem with open-iscsi:
> When logging in or out of a iscsi-target, iscsid sometimes crashes.
> Platform is Centos 5.2.
> Some additional notes:
> 1. This ist independant of the targets used. We use EMC iscsi-Targets,
> as well as Linux Targets (IET)
> 2. It happens with open-iscsi Packages provided by Centos, as well as
> with self-compiled Versions
>    (both 870.3 and 871-test4 were tried)
> 3. Initiators are Xen Dom0's as well as standalone Servers
> 4. We can easily reproduce the crash by repeatedly loggin in and out
> of a Target (simple shell while-loop)
> Upon crashing, iscsid gives the output attached below.
> I have done some investigation in the code, and by inserting debug-
> statements, i was able to track
> down the Problem to the functioncall "free(conn->context_pool[i]);" in
> iscsi_conn_context_free(...) in
> file usr/initiator.c. This call seems to cause the memory-corruption.
> I would very much appreciate any hint or (better;) solution. Feel free
> to ask for any further information. I can also run further tests, if
> desired.
> I can provide debug-Logs (-d 8 ), however, they tend to be rather
> large, since you need repeated login/logout cycles. Please ask for
> them by mail, as I don not intend to pollute the list.

I do not think we have seen this problem before.

Can upload  the logs here:

There is one report that is close to this. In the boot code we have a 
segfault around the same place but the conditions are a little different 
since we are not logging out.

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